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The cooking experts at Calor offer Cornwall Life readers advice on how to create the perfect meal with LPG

With our mild climate and clear waters, Cornwall offers some of the best local produce in the UK. And what better way to enjoy fresh seafood, a traditional pasty or an indulgent Cornish ice cream on a balmy summer’s evening than in the great outdoors?

Although cooking outside with family and friends would traditionally involve a charcoal BBQ, many people now prefer to use gas as it offers so many additional benefits.

Opting for a gas BBQ will help ensure you’ll have evenly cooked food, plus you can be a little more spontaneous and adventurous about what to cook. Even top chefs prefer to cook on gas as they can control the heat to create a perfect dish every time!

Today’s gas BBQs come in all shapes in sizes; whether you’re having an impromptu get-together with friends in the sun, planning to cater en masse or just want a quick and easy option that you can pop in the car for picnics or camping.

Models can range from compact, portable designs, which are easy to store and carry around, to two, three or even four burners, enabling you to cook lots of food at the same time and save hungry guests having to wait their turn!

Gas – not just for the garden

Although Cornwall can expect over 1500 hours of sun each year, the great British weather means that cooking outside isn’t always feasible!

But, while having the versatility of a gas hob in your kitchen is appealing, if you’re one the 213,000 rural Cornwall residents living off-grid, you might not realise you can still enjoy all the conveniences of a gas supply.

By opting for LPG, you can benefit from the same versatility of mains gas – which can be used to heat your home and hot water, as well as for cooking.

Gas hobs are a far more desirable option than standard electric hobs, which can take a long time to heat up and offer little control over the temperature.

There is a wide range of LPG cookers available to fit in with the style and décor of your kitchen; whether you’re after an AGA for a rustic country feel, or a modern range cooker for a contemporary design. Plus, in the event of a power cut, you’ll always know you’ll be able to still cook or boil that much needed cup of tea!

LPG cookers are virtually the same as those that use mains gas too, so you’ll find them familiar in functionality – a real benefit when it comes to the final fit.

What’s more, if you don’t want to switch your whole heating system to LPG, a small cylinder gas supply can be installed discreetly outside just for cooking, so it won’t take up valuable space in the kitchen.

Calor convenience

If you’re running a busy home, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you have enough gas to keep your family warm and well fed. But for many people living off-grid, this can mean regularly monitoring the levels in your oil or tank, or checking your solid fuel store to be sure you’re not about to run out.

With Calor’s automatic top-up technology, a clever contents gauge monitors the LPG levels in your gas tank. When the gas starts to run low, the tank automatically sends a signal to Calor and a delivery truck will come out and top you back up again, meaning you don’t have to worry about monitoring or reordering yourself. As long as the driver can access your tank, you don’t even need to be in – so you can rest assured you’ll always be cooking on gas!

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