PUBLISHED: 18:07 02 May 2017 | UPDATED: 13:24 30 August 2017

Vegan pasty

Vegan pasty

Pasty purists look away now as we review the latest creations to come out of Warrens Bakery kitchen...

There are many theories floating around Cornwall that there is only one type of pasty that deserves the name. The ingredients are set in stone and any deviation from this careful balance of potato, turnip (or swede), meat and spices is simply not a Cornish pasty.

I’ve always found the idea slightly baffling. If a pasty began as the perfect food parcel for the county’s hard-working miners, it seems unlikely that they would be sent off empty handed, simply because the cook had run out of turnip. The World Pasty Championships at the Eden Project which mark St Piran’s day with a world-wide cook-off for the perfect Cornish pastry parcel would also suggest otherwise with this year’s competition featuring such delights as a beef, pork, mozzarella and parmesan pasty, a chicken, gammon and carrot pasty, steak and kidney pasty and one filled with bacon, brie and chutney.

So when Warrens Bakery offered us the chance to try their latest batch of vegan pasties, we were more than happy to oblige. Cornwall’s oldest bakers have a kitchen specially created to develop new flavours that allow pasty lovers to have something different every day. So first up was the Vegan Green Thai Pasty which offers a classic taste of the Far East, with creamy coconut and an aromatic blend of Thai spices, packed with pulses and veggies including chick peas, broad beans and sweetcorn.

Our expert taster describes them as similar in taste and style to a giant samosa but lighter and healthier feeling as it is baked rather than fried. Mildly spiced and fragrant this would work well as a lunch or supper dish warmed through and served with a fresh and healthy Asian salad, filled with zingy flavours if you want to incorporate it into a full-on foodie dish.

Meanwhile, spice lovers’ taste buds will be put to the test with the super-hot Vegan Fiery Mexican Pasty, with red kidney beans, chilli, chickpeas, potato and swede. This really is a proper full-on pasty that does exactly what is says in the press release: a veritable pot pourri of Tex Mex flavours which is genuinely spicy but in a warming zesty wayrather than a Man V Food endurance test that leaves the lips flaming. If you want to pimp it up, it would work wonders for a dinner dish with vegetable rice and a sour cream dip on the side. And best of all these vegan pasties must count for at least one of your five-a-day.

You can try the new range at your local Warrens Bakery shop. warrensbakery.co.uk

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