PUBLISHED: 16:23 16 January 2017 | UPDATED: 12:15 30 August 2017

Claudia Montano

Claudia Montano

Cupcakes to order, delivered straight to your door? Yes please, says ABBY DRIVER

Nobody in the family bakes,’ Claudia Montano tells me. We’re Italian so we’re more into pasta and pizza.’ Nobody apart from Claudia, that is. She’s been in the kitchen whipping up baked goods since the age of ten, but earlier this year she decided to step things up a notch. Cupcakes and Coffee () launched in April and ever since this sweet home bakery has been delighting customers up and down the county with innovative, scrumptious cupcakes.

Claudia is all about quality cupcakes with fun flavours that change with the seasons. I’m always jotting down ideas for new flavours,’ she explains. I like using seasonal fruits and sometimes vegetables.’ This autumn sees s’mores, blackberry mess and toffee apple take centre stage. She also offers a core menu with classics such as banoffee, lemon curd and hot chocolate. Having consumed an embarrassing amount of the latter, there is no doubt that Claudia really is queen of the cupcakes in my experienced opinion.

But while the sweet success is welcome, it means a lot of work. This busy baker also works as a secretary at an accountants. They love it because anytime we have a charity thing, I’ll bake for it,’ she tells me. The last one we had, someone had already put her name on a piece of paper on one of the cupcakes before we were even selling them! It was really nice as she didn’t do that with anything else.’

It’s not just colleagues that benefit; her friends and family are her ever eager test subjects. I’m really bad – I don’t eat anything that I bake. My friends and family love getting to test everything out though. Every time I bake, my mum’s like “ooh can you make me some as well!” and now all my friends have started doing it too. My friends are really supportive though, and they actually pay for the cakes.’

What – in the name of all that is holy – I wonder, is the point of baking if you don’t even get to enjoy the finished product? I think I just like producing that final product. I just think I’ve made that and someone else is enjoying it and that’s just a really nice feeling,’ explains Claudia. Looking at a set of 12 beautifully decorated hot chocolate cupcakes neatly packaged in her branded boxes, I have to agree. They do look almost too good to eat. Almost.

While it’s mainly celebrations such as birthdays that draw in the orders, Claudia recently got her first rom-com worthy order the other day. He was in Australia travelling and his girlfriend lived here in Cornwall and he somehow found me and bought a massive box of 12 cupcakes for her. I delivered them and I don’t even think she got words out, it was just tears. It was so lovely!’ And for Claudia, that is what it’s all about. I want to make something that people enjoy, otherwise what’s the point?’

The future of Coffee and Cupcakes looks bright. Claudia’s ultimate ambition is to open up a little coffee shop; a quirky, independent place with character that offers good coffee and tasty, creative cupcakes. Just let us know when the doors are open – we’ll be there!

In the meantime, you can stay up-to-date with this social-media savvy baker by following her on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. If you’d like to try some out for yourself you can place an order through the website () or Facebook (facebook.com/ccakesncoffee).

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