PUBLISHED: 15:07 30 January 2017 | UPDATED: 12:15 30 August 2017



Think of Cornwall and most of us put food and the art high on its list of attractions - now a new event is bringing the two things together with special menus that reflect specific artworks

Cornwall has always been an amazing stage of great art. With its stunning and breath-taking landscapes, dramatic light effects and a creative atmosphere that is palpable, local artists and outsiders have always found inspiration, conceiving remarkable works of art.

Valerio Fabbretti is an Italian chef who is passionate about local and seasonal ingredients and committed to sharing his love for cooking, but above all the pleasure and simplicity enshrined in good food. Sara Baistrocchi is an expert in creative practices in learning and education, passionate about Modern and Contemporary art and unconventional ways to experience it.

Brought together the pair have created a unique experience for the senses through their Art Dinner Live experience. Sara describes it as an amazing adventure through art and food blossoms and flourishes from our love for what we do’.

Suspended between incredible sculptures and amazing paintings, the visual art of the peninsula is rich and variegated,’ she says. We have a constellation of collections populated by masterpieces. We also witness a very vibrant contemporary art scene, with a myriad of studios and private galleries popping up everywhere. Still, this great heritage is here, very close to Cornwall’s everyday life, easily accessible and available to enjoy.’

The inspiration comes from the Cornwall Museum Partnership which includes the main museums and public art galleries in Cornwall, warding, preserving and promoting works and masterpieces by international acclaimed artists as well as local new emerging ones.

Visual art is thought to be essentially related to the sense of sight,’ she explains. In actual fact we want to offer here an unusual way to experience it: a glimpse, just a fleeting glance at selected pieces from different Collections in Cornwall, reinterpreted and revisited through the sense of taste and touch.

We would like to accompany you in a multisensory experience, an unconventional journey through art and food. We want to inspire you and offer a complete new dimension to the enjoyment of art. The dishes that match the artworks are reinterpretations of them. They don’t want to be visual reproductions, but rather offer a synesthetic and different access to the pieces of art on a taste and tactile level. Also, there is an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of food, with a mindful and conscious approach to it, valorising local ingredients and the rich variety of flavours and textures. A fantastic encounter between taste and sight, where modern and contemporary art forms meet the tradition of good food.’

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