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The Cornish Cream tea has long been a firm fixture in our West Country heritage consisting of fruit or plain scones topped with jam and lashings of thick cream.But one café owner in Redruth, Zest Deli Cafe, has given the dish an interesting twist – chocolate.

It appears the iconic speciality has evolved. What once originated as a meal with a Cornish Split – a kind of sweet roll – has now metamorphosed.

Nicky Tregido, owner of Zest said the idea is a family invention which originated from her brother’s fiancé’s parent’s café The Twisted Currant, in Porthlevan.

In Redruth it consists of a fresh chocolate chip scone, Cadbury’s chocolate spread and lashings of Cornish cream.

“I decided to create it at Zest as I am a cake lover,” Nicky says. “My husband tried one when we went to Porthleven and he said they were lovely.”

Since introducing the new item on her menu she says she has had nothing but positive feedback and hopes once word gets out there it will become popular with everyone.

“I have had lots of good feedback and no one has been offended by me changing the traditional cream tea because we offer those here too,” she says. “I have found there are a lot of people who like to try new things.”

One of these people is regular customer Jane Anderson Davis, 71, from Redruth said: “I tried one and it was delicious.

“They are very good I will definitely have one again. They are very rich and tasty.”

Nicky opened Zest 18 months ago after a lifelong dream to serve delicious food and drink to people. She said the idea of the new cream tea was a treat for all chocolate lovers.

Being a self-confessed chocolate lover I decide I must try one too. After an anticipatory wait a waitress arrived with my plate laden with a warm scone and two glass dishes containing the chocolate spread and the much-loved clotted cream ready for me to spread on top whichever way I chose.

My fears over whether the dish would it be too rich or if chocolate and cream curdle were completely obliterated as I sank my teeth in. it was indeed delicious.

It was lovely and the cream really complemented it by stopping the chocolate from being too sweet. It was a treat which reminded me of times as a young girl when I was treated to a slice of bread with chocolate on top at Easter.

If I had to find a downside then the only one I could find was that I had to pay for a cup of tea on top - and to me a cream tea isn’t a cream tea without a cup of tea to wash it all down with.

So, will this chocolatey version be a hit? Has this this café struck gold with an invention almost guaranteed to tempt the chocoholic through its doors?

I guess we’ll learn the answer to that one dreckly.

Chocolate Cream Tea costs £3.50 from Zest, in Fore Street, Redruth. It is a café with deli and uses local producers and suppliers. Its menu also includes meals, Slimming World options and beverages.

Nicky has now opened a new secret tea garden for customers to enjoy the cream teas in the summer sunshine.

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