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This Cornwall food festival is cancelled due to Coronavirus

Porthleven Food Festival welcomes thousands of people for food by day and music by night
Porthleven Food Festival welcomes thousands of people for food by day and music by night

George Gwilliam
Tuesday, March 17, 2020
2:24 PM

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The Porthleven Food Festival has been cancelled due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus.

This is the first time the event has been called in its history, and was not taken lightly by those involved.

Alec Short said: “The Festival, which usually brings around 40,000 people together over three days, has never been cancelled before in its twelve-year history, despite terrible weather in some years. The team has already put a great deal of time, resource and energy into organising and promoting this year’s event and this is not a decision we have made lightly.

The decision to cancel the festival, which was due to run from 17-19 April, was made based on a number of different factors.

It was believed by event runners that the uncertainty surrounding the virus meant that the best option would be to cancel the festival.

Alec Short explains: “With less than five weeks to go any additional restrictions on the movement of people, or a nationwide ban on events being enacted in the coming weeks, would be financially catastrophic for us. Coupled with the current public health concerns, we feel that we must cancel the event this year in order to guarantee its future survival.”

“We’ve been experiencing increased uncertainty and concerns from our audience, sponsors, traders, suppliers and partners and feel that this is the responsible course of action in the current unprecedented climate.”

“By cancelling now, we can secure the future of the Festival. There are very real risks if we continue to people being unwilling or unable to attend the event, or of the UK government imposing a ban on large gatherings, as has happened in other European countries. The implications of those actions would be catastrophic for the future of the event.” explains Alec Short.

Another concern from festival runners was that the elderly demographic who attend the event would be at risk if it was to go ahead.

Alec Short, Chairman of Porthleven Food Festival, said: “Much of the demographic for our event in the daytimes is 60+ and the World Health Organisation has already advised people in this age bracket not to attend public gatherings. The committee has been monitoring the situation in the UK as it worsens and we all believe it is the right decision to cancel.”

Ticketholders will be automatically refunded and all traders, acts, artists and speakers will be rebooked for next year’s event.

The 2021 Porthleven Food Festival will take place from 23-25th April.

Alec Short remains hopeful that people will accept the decision and attend next year’s festival,.“We hope everyone will support our decision and come back and join us in 2021.

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