Dolphin delight in Falmouth Bay!

PUBLISHED: 14:03 15 May 2013 | UPDATED: 14:03 15 May 2013

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The photographs were taken by Sid Capper and his family - but happily enjoyed by many who saw them as they returned to the port.

Sid says: “They were jumping around and generally cruising through the waves off Swanpool Beach heading towards Falmouth - then they started to swim around our boat and were surfing on the bow wave. There were approximately 20-30 but they swim so rapidly it is difficult to give an accurate number. There were several dolphins in excess of 2.5 m in length with others about 1.5 m in length but there was also a smaller and much lighter coloured dolphin only about 1 m in length which appeared to be a baby. This one was the most energetic and was constantly darting through the waves, turning over on its side and jumping out of the water.

“The weather was sunny and the sea was reasonably calm so as they swam around the boat we were able to look at them for about 40 minutes. During this time some of them were further away simply swimming along whilst others were much closer to the boat and seemed to want to play and kept jumping out of the water - these dolphins would also swim right beside us and turn so that the underside was clearly visible and then they would look directly at us as if trying to look eye to eye. This was repeated numerous times and on past encounters we have noticed this behaviour. I took many photos (153!) from the bow of the boat which included many of them under water and you can clearly see their under bellies - I have also got a small amount of video showing them cruising through the water ahead of the boat as well as them swimming alongside.

“As we continued towards Pendennis Point I was calling out and making loud ‘yipee’ noises which seemed to encourage them to jump even more - by the time we had reached the point we were only about 100m off the shore and people were watching and cheering too. It was a great privilige having seen them up so close and I truly feel that they were trying to get a good look at us throughout this time.”

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