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Get ready for summer with expert tips to perfect skin

A weekend of Heavenly’ sunshine always brings with it the anticipation of the summer months ahead, dreams of long lazy holidays and a desire to slip into that gorgeous floaty dress.

But what to do about your body that has been cocooned in layers of clothing, hidden away! Now is the perfect time to start preparing it…

To help create that lovely summer glow, Jessica Beagent from Heavenly Beauty Salon in Okehampton, has shared her top tips with us for a home spa experience:

Step 1

Body brushing - so important yet so overlooked; this is the first step to improve circulation and the appearance of your skin. Before a shower or bath, take your brush and start with long, sweeping upward strokes towards your heart. Start from your feet until you reach your chest.

Step 2

Hop in the shower, dampen your skin and apply an exfoliator all over the body in a circular motion. There are many differing options available, from olive pips to sea salt to sugar scrubs - the choice is yours! My personal favourite at the moment would be Lola’s Apothecary’s Orange & Ginger Scrub. Lola hand makes her products in Devon, with raw cane sugar suspended in a mix of whipped coconut butter and sweet almond oil for gorgeously smooth skin - divine.

Step 3

Use a nourishing shower gel such as Renewing Rose Body Wash by Aromatherapy Associates, (which contains only natural hydrating ingredients), and gently massage away any exfoliator. Your skin should now feel fabulously silky.

If you have time in your busy life, draw a bath to unwind and reflect. Using a bath oil is a great way to feed your skin. Daily life can strip the skin of its essential oils and this is the ultimate way redress the balance.

With an abundance of choices available, I would select a bath oil from Aromatherapy Associates, such as De-stress Mind’ which contains frankincense, rosemary and coconut oil, a wonderful blend to soak away the day.

Step 4

After your shower or bath, dry your skin with a warm towel and apply a body oil to lock in as much moisture as possible.

Again I favour an oil by Devon based Lola’s Apothecary. This gem of an oil containing rose and neroli is pure heaven! (Also, carefully mixed with precious argon and rose-hip oil, it deeply nourishes and repairs, while the exquisite combination of rose and neroli inspire beauty and grace. 100% natural and works wonders with stretch marks - a must have!)

For moisturising in the morning I prefer a rich body butter; at the moment I’m using Monuspa Enriched Body Cream. This treatment is a zesty blend of fresh orange, lemon and rose essential oils which helps hydrate the skin. Marine Collagen is added to this luxuriously rich body cream, smoothing and firming the skin, leaving it feeling tightened and toned whilst a blend of cocoa butter will soften.

Now your skin will be ready at a moment’s notice to look its best, to apply a fake tan to cover those winter white legs so you can slip into that little dress with confidence!

But don’t forget the golden rule for a lifetime’s youthful and healthy skin - a high SPF sun cream, gloriously floppy hat and never ever go out in the mid-day sun!

To contact Jessica or the Heavenly team, call 01837 55773 or visit their website,

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