PUBLISHED: 11:09 30 June 2014 | UPDATED: 13:19 30 August 2017

A fashion shoot challenges the clothing industry and society's view of women's shapes and sizes

A photo-shoot designed to challenge concepts of the perfect woman’ and promote self-confidenceamong women of all shapes, sizes and ages took place in Cornwall. The project, led by model Laura Miucci, askedeach model to wear a dress or a skirt and top that they felt confident and sexy combinedwith natural make-up and the Cornish coast.

The clothes were their own; the only requirement was a skirt or a dress (to show symmetry) and that everyone was assigned their own colour. I wanted them to wear their 'feel good' outfit, and luckily, everyone managed to have a different colour for their 'feel good outfit.

There were three main objectives behind this shoot,’ explains Laura. Firstly; to combat any statements referring to weight and the "perfect woman", which have been seen on social networks far too much recently; secondly, to promote self-confidence and self-love, and thirdly; to have a fun shoot where each model was involved in the project by including their favourite body part and why on a board, and to wear a dress or a skirt and top that they felt confident and sexy in.

All in all, I believe these objectives were reached, as every model enjoyed the shoot, and they all did an amazing job! The main focus during the shoot was on the girls themselves, and so to help achieve this, each model was assigned a colour (that they chose themselves) to be 'their' colour. This created a simple but powerful foreground to the beautiful Cornish coast in the background. Footwear was optional, and we used natural make-up and simple hairstyles to firmly place the emphasis on the girls themselves. I organised the concept in more detail, and arranged to meet the eight models, three make-up artists,, a hairstylist and the photographer on location, and organised the running of the day, which went completely smoothly (no last minute cancellations or injury.) The MUAs and hairstylist had complete creative control over specific styles and make-up used on each model, whilst I gave some direction for poses where needed for technicality, but for the most part, the shoot, in all aspects of the word, was as natural as it could possibly be. I think the true natural beauty of every single person involved has really shone through in this project!’

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Models: Laura Miucci, Haley Larson, Cassie Ryan, Emma Spilsbury, Alison Ballard, Courtnie Slaney, Steffani Benton, Bethy Rowe.

MUAS:Serene Abu Shousha Makeup Artist,Haley Larson Make Up Artist andNatasha Flower Make Up Artist.

Hairstylist:Hair Design by Holly Luisa.

Photographer: Responsive Image Photography.

Runner: Matthew Roberts.

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