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Many people decide to take the plunge to live the dream and move to the UK’s favourite county from the capital - but can you build a successful career?

It’s been more than ten years since graphic designer Nick Warren moved out of London to Cornwall – and his career has flourished.

In the days before superfast broadband and patchy mobile phone reception – for many London-based professionals a move to deepest darkest South West would have been a pipe dream. But for Nick Warren, an experienced graphic designer in the culture and theatre sector, his decision to relocate his skill-set to the South West may have seemed like a brave move professionally but despite the new location, his theatre client base stayed loyal and has continued to commission his design skills. N9 South West was founded and has grown into a thriving business; designing for the theatre, events, productions and venues across the UK as well as a variety of other sectors.

Nick moved to the beautiful village of Millbrook where he lives with wife Mandy and children Amy, 13, and Louie, 10, and set up the N9 Studio over the Tamar in Plymouth, from where his team now deliver a range of services including graphic design, illustration, animation, film, social media and digital marketing.

Having worked in the West End of London for over 15 years, we were initially concerned that not being in London would be an issue,’ he says. So we planned well and actually didn’t tell clients we’d moved for a couple of weeks, proving it was really business as usual for them.

Since then we’ve rarely had a problem with our location (which we always mention). Clients just need to see results and be comfortable we’ll deliver, good word of mouth then follows and becomes a nationwide new business department. Our work is always delivered digitally, and with our experience, we can compete with larger agencies nationwide for clients practically anywhere.’

Today with the advent of social media and superfast broadband, Nick is not alone in his choice to relocate from London as the costs of living in the capital inflate, combined with the growing desire for a greater work/life balance, the next generation are beginning to see the tangible benefits of living and working outside of the city. Other sectors are also joining the London exodus such as theatre production, e-commerce and customer service industries, in search of a happier more productive work force enjoying the benefits of other parts of the UK.

And since their move, both Nick and Mandy's parents have followed their example and relocated to Cornwall. The occasional days spent on the train are a small price to pay for the benefits of living in the South West,’ says Nick.

Nick's Quick Kernow

Favourite Beach:

Harlyn Bay (we got engaged there)

Favourite walk:

From home to Cawsand pubs via to Whitsand Bay and Rame Head

Favourite place to eat:

The Canteen at Maker Heights

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