Make sure your property has the edge in a buyers market

PUBLISHED: 09:35 07 March 2013 | UPDATED: 19:26 02 April 2013

Make sure your property has the edge in a buyers market

Make sure your property has the edge in a buyers market

Amanda Whitfield looks at why you must ensure your property looks better than ever to give it the edge in the current marketplace

The stage is set!

There was once a time when it was not unusual to have two or more buyers battling over the same property, consequently pushing the price further and further upwards. These days the reality is that buyers are far thinner on the ground and always looking for a reason to make a low offer. With the ever-present images of beautiful homes and interiors leaping out from the pages of glossy magazines, and lifestyles which entail entertaining in stylish surroundings, is it any wonder that buyers have such high expectations when it comes to choosing a home? The importance, therefore, of having the edge over the competition when marketing your house should not be underestimated.

The concept of home staging is one which is being used more and more to effectively promote and market a property to achieve a swift sale for the best price. Contrary to the logical and practical decision most buyers believe they are making, purchasing a property is very much an emotional one. A property may well have all the practical elements on a buyers tick list, but there is a deep psychology behind purchasing a property, and practicality alone rarely sells houses, and certainly not for a top price.

The concept of home staging is about knowing why and what people buy, and creating a sense of lifestyle, warmth and appeal. More often than not, a client requires styling and dressing as opposed to full interior design.

The first element any buyer will consider is a propertys kerb appeal. What does it look like in the photographs? From there, very often, they like to drive past the house. An unkempt garden, rotten fencing, flaking paint on a front door etc, are unlikely to entice anyone further!

The inside should be clean, tidy and free of unnecessary items of furniture and possessions. Too much furniture or an array of mismatched items can make a room feel small and cramped. At some point, furniture will need to be packed ready to take to your new home. To do it at this stage leaves you not only with less to do later on in the selling process, but will also help create a sense of calm and space for viewings.

Odours can have a huge psychological effect too, particularly bad smells. Ensure that you air the house each day, wash pet bedding (and pets!), and consider what you cook the day before a viewing.

Walls, floors and ceilings should all be painted in neutrals, with warmer and brighter colours coming from soft furnishings and decorative items.

Amanda Whitfield works at the Newton Ferrers office of Luscombe Maye, and has over 20 years of experience in estate agency and skills in Home Staging.

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