£30 millon investment brings new opportunities for Cornwall

PUBLISHED: 16:49 21 November 2019




Heavy investment in Cornwall has opened up a ream of opportunities for anyone ready to jump into the holiday business.

With planning approved earlier this year for a £30 million holiday resort development, investors clearly recognise Cornwall's growing potential. The government has also announced £3 million flowing into Cornwall's economy to improve and develop tourist attractions and increase job opportunities, aiming to attract new visitors. Brexit has set the stage for a boom in British tourism and there's no reason why big businesses should be the only ones to look ahead and reap the benefits.

Homeowners also have their eyes set on the 2020 prize. More and more holiday rental business owners, and residential landlords, looking to make the switch are already taking bookings for next year, keeping their fingers on the market's pulse. They see where the money's going and they're determined not to be left behind.

Make a start on the new year


If you're ready to get a head start on next year's bookings, working with a trusted holiday rental industry expert like HomeAway makes the process effortless. Find out how much your property could be making with the online earnings calculator.

From festivals to weddings to longed for family getaways, holidaymakers' already have their calendars in hand. The property you've carefully curated may well be their dream stay, whether it's in easy reach of coastline, woodland or cultural attractions. The key is to get your listing live in time so you're not left with gaps in the diary when the summer months roll around.

Manage your income


Whether you're a highly experienced holiday rental business owner or newly ready to take advantage of the industry, you want to be sure you stay in the driver's seat when it comes to renting out your property. With HomeAway, you approve the guests, dates and price. They take care of the rest. If you have any concerns, round the clock customer support is available.

They've been established in the industry since 1996, longer than any of their competitors so understand exactly what you and your guests need when it comes to holiday booking. The platform is fully equipped to allow you to easily and efficiently take control of your property's income with no surprises or complications.

As part of the Expedia group, HomeAway puts your listing in front of as many eyes as possible to ensure you attract your ideal guests. Expedia's liability insurance allows you to securely capitalise on the property you've heavily invested in.


Don't get left behind

The money being ploughed into Cornwall represents are great shift in the way British holidaymakers are planning their holidays. They're opting out of overseas stays and instead putting high value on all the South West has to offer. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners are already taking advantage of this growing trend towards staycations by signing up with HomeAway. The movement to go local with holidays clearly isn't going anywhere and the longer you leave it the more likely you are to wind up wondering why it took you so long.

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