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PUBLISHED: 10:07 09 March 2010 | UPDATED: 10:29 21 February 2013

Yeoman Rainguard - Advertisement Feature

Yeoman Rainguard - Advertisement Feature

Yeoman Rainguard is the market leader in Rainwater Systems with over 30 years experience...

Yeoman Rainguard is the market leader in Rainwater Systems with over 30 years experience.

We offer the widest choice of product on the market today supported by a friendly personal service with fast delivery of both advice and products.


Yeoman Rainguard Aluminium Rainwater Systems are suitable for many different types of building but are particularly suitable for new build projects where a more traditional feel is required. Our market leading XL range offers the latest in jointing technology offering huge advantages in speed of installation.

The XL range is readily available, cost effective and will give many years' service.


Yeoman Rainguard GRP Rainwater Systems are suitable for all types of building and are particularly suitable as a replacement where cast iron or lead systems have previously been installed - on older buildings, churches etc. or listed buildings where an existing hopper, gutter or pipe design is essential.

However, on new developments Yeoman Rainguard GRP Systems can add that essential character and finishing touch.

The ability to easily add colour, long service life and ease of installation make GRP systems an ideal choice.

Cast Iron

Yeoman Rainguard Cast Iron Rainwater Systems offer all the benefits of traditional materials and designs.

Cast Iron is strong, durable and will give years of service if correctly maintained.

It is ideal in conservation areas or where the building is listed, or alternatively if you just prefer a more traditional product then Cast Iron is the perfect choice.


Yeoman Rainguard has joined forces with Fricke, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of rainwater systems, to bring TECU Copper and Zinc products to the UK market.

Copper systems have been used successfully for many generations, with proven durability through natural oxidisation delivering an almost unlimited service life.


Yeoman Anticlimb is manufactured from GRP which is lightweight and virtually maintenance free.

The system fits over existing downpipes, fully encasing them, thus making climbing pipes virtually impossible.

It can be manufactured in any colour and, as the colour goes right through the material, no routine painting is necessary.

Detailed below are our standard profiles, however we can manufacture to individual requirements.

Please contact our sales office for further details (number below).

Cornice and Fascia

Yeoman Cornices and Fascias are manufactured from GRP - glass reinforced polyester, a material ideal for today's environment - flexible and lightweight, yet offering heavy duty strength.

Detailed alongside are standard mouldings available, however the beauty of GRP means other designs can be easily manufactured or existing features replicated.

All sections are through coloured to client requirements and, as such, will require no maintenance other than periodical cleaning with a mild soap solution.

Please contact our sales office for technical information.

Turrets and Clocktowers

Yeoman Turrets and Clock Towers are custom moulded and hand crafted in GRP (glass reinforced polyester), a material ideal for today's environment - fl exible and lightweight yet offering heavy duty strength.

They are all through coloured which means they will never need painting.

Our turrets and clock towers are designed to replicate age old styles and are available as standard with a steeple or domed roof.

Side panels are shiplap and are finished in white. Roofs and skirts are lead effect. Other colour ways are available to order.

All our turrets have a range of embellishments which include louvered panels, finials, weathervanes and clocks. Our clocks are manufactured by Hawkins - one of the country's leading manufacturers.

Each clock has a two speed movement which allows for seasonal alterations.

Our craftsmen have over 30 years experience in moulding GRP, and their skill and expertise is freely available for the design and manufacture of special orders to your own specification. We pride ourselves on our traditional beliefs - customer satisfaction, quality products and value.

Below is a selection of images, depicting the type of work Yeoman Rainguard achieves.

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