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Advice if you are new to Fishing

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Advice if you are new to Fishing

Fly fishing seems so complicated! Walk into any serious fishing shop and all you see are banks of flies and every conceivable piece of tackle possible offering solutions to every so called challenge. Where do you start then?

We thought we would try out the Arundell Armss beginners course down on Devon / Cornwall border. A 4 day course, ably run by the enormously experienced David Pilkington and what fantastic fun it was.

Starting to learn to cast on a lake and progressing through to dry fly on one of the many beats owned by the hotel this is a brilliant way of dealing with the myths of fly fishing. In between the fishing trips, short lectures and demonstrations are given leaving you with a good understanding of all you need to know to go fly fishing.

One of our team really enjoyed this experience and would recommend it to anyone starting out. Hes been smiling about it ever since!

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Written by on Louise Benson from GunsOnPegs

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