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The Isles of Scilly lie just 28 miles off Land’s End and yet they have a very different look and feel to anywhere else in England, let alone Cornwall.

The Isles of Scilly lie just 28 miles off Land’s End and yet they have a very different look and feel to anywhere else in England, let alone Cornwall. Here are 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to put Scilly on your holiday agenda this year!

  1. The beaches and coastline: Marvel at the shallow crystal clear blue waters that surround the island archipelago, and the exotic and largely deserted fine white sand beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean. Beachcomb for exquisite shells.
  2. Amazing plants and flowers: Explore and discover Scilly’s incredible breadth and depth of flora, highlighted particularly well at Tresco Abbey Garden, but noticeable everywhere across the islands. Flowers that wouldn’t even survive in Cornwall grow here, thanks to Scilly’s very mild climate.
  3. Island life: There’s nothing more intoxicating that experiencing the ebb and flow of the islands. Hop on one of the tripper boats and discover the unique charms and laid-back approach to life on each of the 'off islands’.
  4. Amazing birds and wildlife: There are so many rare birds, seabirds, seals, puffins - and more - to discover. Enjoy a guided wildlife excursion by boat or on foot from our resident experts.
  5. Snorkelling with seals; diving for treasure: Fast becoming a “must-do” is to go snorkelling with the seals. You can get so close they may even nibble your fins! Delving deeper under the water offers rich rewards for keen divers thanks to the many shipwrecks in our waters.
  6. Amazing walks: More than 60 miles of scenic trails, rugged coastal paths and historic monuments to explore and, if you time it right with the spring tides, walk between the islands without even getting your ankles wet!
  7. Creative Scilly: Whatever your take on arts and crafts, there is much to appreciate on Scilly, from the children who sell painted shells on doorsteps to seriously-renowned painters, potters, jewellers and stained glass artists.
  8. Fresh local produce: Lobsters and crab caught daily in Scillonian waters, island-grown food and veg, island-reared beef and duck. It doesn’t get any fresher here with so few food miles to travel. You may also meet the farmer or fisherman who provided it!
  9. Romancing: This is the ideal place to fall in love, be in love, and cement that love. Whatever your special occasion, hold hands as you stroll on empty beaches, enjoy sun-downers in perfect surroundings and wonder at the intensity of the starry night skies.

  10. Bishop Rock: The iconic lighthouse is immortalised on the BBC. Not only is it the UK’s western-most point – after that it’s the Atlantic all the way to America – but it’s also the smallest island in the UK to have a building erected on it.



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