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CWL JAN 15 art Tim Knight Strangles Beach Low Tide North Cornwall

CWL JAN 15 art Tim Knight Strangles Beach Low Tide North Cornwall

Artist Tim Knight has become renowned for his startling - and often surprising - images of Cornwall. We asked him to share the stories behind some of his favourites...

Strangles Beach

Strangles Beach and Tregardock Beach, are my favourite beaches in Cornwall. This photograph was taken from the cliffs that tower above the beach, below me the fleeting tidal pools left by the receding equinox tide reflected the porcelain September sky and I was able to capture the wonderful colour with the use of a polarising filter.’

Rough Tor from Showery Tor

I have loved Bodmin Moor since the day in August 1990 that I moved to Cornwall.

This image was taken just before sunset with Rough Tor lit by the fading sun and the saurian shapes within Showery Tor lit by the soft blue sky light of evening time.’

Helman Tor

One of my children’s favourite places to play when they were small. I wanted to reveal the texture of the granite and the strange shapes of the rocks that crown the Neolithic hillfort. By tilting the camera I could get two of the massive rocks to just kiss each other.’

Millook Haven

The forecast for this particular day had been that the weather would break before sunset but as I drove up the north coast there was an unremitting blanket of cloud with just the slightest gap far out to sea.

I set up at Millook Haven and waited, sometimes you can be unlucky and the wait will be a fruitless one - but this was one of the lucky days as just before sunset, and for about a minute only, the sun broke through and bathed the whole of the beach in a warm, soft light, illuminating the pebbles in the foreground and the folded cliffs behind.’

The woman in the rocks Tregardock Beach

How can something so beautiful have been sculpted purely by the random forces of nature? I do have a bit of an obsession for finding faces and human shapes within the rocks and trees and recently I found out that there is a name for this which is Pareidolia. She is found near to the waterfall at Tregardock Beach and is made of slate.

The photograph is lit by the blue skylight, normally quite unflattering but here it adds to the cool colours of the slates and its softness means that all her details are revealed.’

About the artist

Tim moved to Cornwall in 1990 and recent exhibitions include atthe Agora Gallery, New York.

I felt as if I had come home at last and in that homecoming I had found my subject,’ he say of the move. Not only did I love the landscape: the remote beaches only accessible by scrambling, the granite tors that stood like ancient sentinels on the hilltops and the antiquities... It felt as if I could express my feelings in a way that I hadn’t been able to do elsewhere. I still use slide film for my photography. The final image will not be the same as the one that I see and I have to try and perceive the world as the film sees it, making for a fascinating and creative game.’

Tim Knight exhibits at Morvah Schoolhouse 10-20 March 2016

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