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Becky Bettesworth's wonderful images of Cornwall and the South West offer a unique - but somehow comfortingly familiar - view of this stunning part of the world.

Becky Bettesworth’s wonderful images of Cornwall and the South West offer a unique - but somehow comfortingly familiar - view of this stunning part of the world.

My illustrations have come from my love of the old 1930s railway and travel posters,’ she says. The old original posters are design classics from a bygone era, depicting a romantic past. I want my pictures to carry these sentiments and emotions but in a modern fresh way, so that the images are current of the here and now.

I love living in the South West of England and Devon and Cornwall are stunning counties with an abundance of beautiful beaches, coastline, villages and towns - what a great excuse to go and visit these stunning spots right on our doorstep.’

So how does she create the work? I visit the places first to get a sense and feel of the place. I take photos, do some sketches and then construct my image so that the composition is perfect. This is done by sometimes stripping away a lot of detail and simplifying the view so that the image is uncluttered and uncomplicated; I feel the theory of less is more can really work. The angle and perspective may need to be adapted too, so that its isn’t necessarily true to life but the essence of the picture is true to the place.

The finished picture is created on the computer, where the image is created by layers and layers on top of each other, similar to the traditional technique of silkscreening, which is how many of the original pictures were created. I am creating my images using Photoshop which is a modern equivalent of this old technique, but the principals are exactly the same using block colour to produce a very graphic style.’

Becky’s work has been sold widely and used as advertising posters on the London Underground, and she has been linked with Thompson Holidays and Ladybird books.

Her work was first exhibited at Greenway, now a National Trust property, which used to belong to Agatha Christie, on the edge of the River Dart.

It is a stunning, magical, enchanted spot and I thought a modern day take of the old railway posters would lend itself so perfectly if it was done specifically to Greenway,’ she says. It proved a perfect choice and her work was soon being sold in the shop.

More recently she exhibited at the Country Living Spring Fair 2015 in London and her work is beginning to generate huge interest - so expect become more familiar to us over the summer.

I feel blessed, grateful and thankful that I live in such a stunning part of the world and I hope that I can continue to reproduce pictures which endorses and promotes this in such a positive way.’

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