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Cornwall Pasty Pirates will sell Crantock Bakery Posh Pasty Co. products - hand-crafted gourmet pasties and pies created by TV chef James Strawbridge

Austrian foodies are getting a taste of Cornwall with the opening of two Cornish pasty shops.

Both shops are part of a new franchise called Cornwall Pasty Pirates and will sell Crantock Bakery Posh Pasty Co. products - hand-crafted gourmet pasties and pies created by TV chef and Cornwall Life food writer James Strawbridge.

One of the shops is in a stylish area of Austrian capital, Vienna and another in Parndorf on the Austria, Hungary, Slovakia border.

Prepared by the award-winning Crantock Bakery at its base in Indian Queens, the EU protected Cornish delicacy is also being distributed to other retail outlets, wedding venues and even the British Embassy.

'This is a tremendously exciting venture,' said Matt Hurry, Managing Director of Crantock Bakery. 'Pasties are iconic and Crantock pasties are made with only the very finest ingredients, many sourced in Cornwall, which will also showcase why Cornwall is regarded as a centre of excellence when it comes to produce.'

To satisfy the Austrian palate, James is creating new pasty flavours to include more chicken, vegetarian and vegan fillings. But genuine Cornish Pasties - which must be a distinctive D’ shape, crimped on one side, filled with minced or roughly cut chunks of beef (not less than 12.5%), swede, potato, onion and a light peppery seasoning - will be a mainstay of the Austrian menu.

The company behind the pasty shops and product distribution is Vienna-based delicatessen, Hoxton &Hill. Several Cornish bakeries were invited to send a selection of their pasties for tasting before Hoxton & Hill chose to stock and sell Posh Pasty Co products.

'Quality was the key to this deal,' explains James. 'Hoxton & Hill were really impressed with the ingredients we use and, as well as selling the finished pasties, they want to import several of those ingredients using Crantock as a distribution point for Cornish producers. We might be looking at at the start of a Cornish taste invasion!'

Having established the link with Austria, Matt and James are now considering breaking into the Dutch and Scandinavian markets.

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