The first ever Cornish Cocker Spaniel meet-up is happening this July

PUBLISHED: 15:57 13 June 2019

Jody and Purdy

Jody and Purdy


For the first time in Cornish history a Cocker Spaniel meet up will take place in Kernow

The Cocker Spaniel meet-up has been arranged by Cornish Ramblings - a friendly group full of novice walkers, keen hikers and fair-weather adventurers created by local lass Jody Woolcock.

Cornish Ramblings was created just over 3 years ago with the purpose of getting outside for a walk and enjoying what our wonderful Cornwall has to offer. Jody not only wanted to meet like-minded walking folk and explore more of her beloved Cornwall, she also wanted to get others from all ages, fitness levels and walks of life (pardon the pun) to come along with her. Fast forward to today and this little Cornish walking group is going from strength to strength, with many regular faces and plenty of new faces joining Jody for walks around Cornwall 2-3 times a month.

Jody and PurdyJody and Purdy

On all of Jody's walks, you can guarantee there will be a little four-legged friend at her ankles. Purdy the beautiful Cocker Spaniel is Jody's absolute obsession and the reason this meet-up is happening in the first place. So in an attempt to get as many of your beloved dogs in one place at the same time, Cornish Ramblings is calling on all Cocker Spaniel owners to 'get your Cockers out!'

The meet-up will take place on Saturday 13 July at 10am at Watergate Bay. If you own a Cocker Spaniel and would like to go for a walk across the beach with hundreds of other beautiful Cockers, then please email Jody at to let her know you'll be there.

The plan is to walk lots, chat with fellow dog owners, take lots of pictures of you and your doggies and generally have a lovely time.

Head to the Cornish Ramblings website for all the details:

For more ways to keep up to date with Cornish Ramblings, follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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