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PUBLISHED: 11:22 16 December 2019 | UPDATED: 11:22 16 December 2019

Carol Burns Designs

Carol Burns Designs


Make your home happy with these colourful accessories

Artist and designer Carol Burns admits her vibrant designs are inspired by the glorious colours and patterns of the 1960s and 1970s. They are brought bang up to date using the light and colour to be found in her adopted home of Cornwall.

In her new range of home accessories and bags, she has created a lively collection based on hand drawn illustrations of flora and fauna. Eschewing overly graphic styles, Carol uses her fine art training to create hand drawn designs which are then translated into prints, purposely leaving the human hand print on the work.

"I've always been fascinated with patterns from the 1960s and 1970s - most were based on a really colourful pop interpretation of flowers and built on the famous designs of William Morris and Liberty patterns. That era also got all the good colours. People really embraced bright tones - I always wondered if it was inspired by the advent of colour television."

Carol's new collection is designed to add a touch of vibrancy to modern contemporary interiors which are often neutral and restrained. "Colour and pattern can add some fun into your living space - and using home accessories makes it easy to update. We know that colour can have a massive impact on our emotions - and these colours have been chosen to increase happiness.

Her range of bags will also brighten up everyday wardrobe and add something to that little black dress - perfect for this season's social events. "I often test drive my designs when I go out and I can't remember when someone hasn't commented on them. They are real show stealers."

"I have been hugely inspired by my grandmother," adds Carol. "She made many of childhood clothes, crocheted knitted and wasn't she moved working with colour. When I think of her I remember hot summers in pink and yellow sun dresses. She would have loved these designs."

Since she can remember Carol has collected vintage materials and patterns, which has helped inform her designs. The designs are based on everyday flowers like pansies, tulips, roses, cherry blossom, dahlias, as well as patterns like 'blue scribble' which is inspired by pattern.

As a trained artist she works in oil paint, creating large abstract works with a strong sense of colour, shape and texture.

Carol's range of design is currently available in cushions, tea towels and lampshades. You can also view her new range of clutches and bags, as well as scarves. Prices start at £12 and orders received before 10 December will be delivered before Christmas.

Make your home happy!

You can find Carol's latest designs at and on etsy

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