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Writer and musician Catrina Davies was longing to come home to the beloved west Cornwall of her childhood.  But why did the Cambridge graduate take the radical decision to move into a dilapidated shed?  

It’s not quite Alfred Hitchcock, but the swoop of a seagull can instil fear into the bravest picnicker - love them or loathe them the seagull is in Cornwall to stay.

The second coronavirus lockdown means a return to takeaway, delivery and click-and-collect services for many businesses across the country.

Octogenarian author ELizabeth Mapstone tells is why Cornwall is ideal for living life to the full in later years

If they weren’t so toxic you might think them rather pretty. Certainly the name enchants: mermaids tears. But these little pearls of glimmering plastic that litter our Cornish beaches in their thousands are Andy Cummins’s bête noire. “They are tiny plastic pellets that escape down storm drains from plastic factories. They don’t biodegrade, adsorb harmful chemicals and get eaten by wildlife, who mistake them for fish eggs.” Andy is campaign manager for Surfers against Sewage (SAS) and mermaids tears aren’t the only ‘seaside souvenirs’ that make him cross. Plastic bags, bottles, crisp packets, cigarette butts, fishing line and effluent, Andy hates the lot.

Adjusting your work life during a global pandemic poses all sorts of challenges, especially when you earn your money from travelling the world. TV presenter Simon Reeve has spent almost two decades exploring 130 countries to great acclaim, but now coronavirus has hampered long-haul travel, he’s explored somewhere closer to home for his latest series.

The latest Cornish crime story by best-selling writer Nicola Upson sets murder on the ancient former monastery 

Cornish-born BBC Spotlight presenter Justin Leigh talks about living, working and holidaying in Cornwall, his home county.

Cornwall Life speaks with Sir Tim Smit who uncovered and revived one of the county’s biggest attractions

The number of people on the billionaire list is growing, is that a good thing?

Merv Davey is a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow which exists to maintain the national Celtic spirit of Cornwall

Raynor Winn’s story has become the stuff of legend – and she’s back to share her adventures in her new book The Wild Silence

Although we’ll never be able to see Cornwall in the glory that our ancestors were lucky enough to enjoy, short clips like these 13 still give us a small insight into our county as it used to be

Captain Tom Moore who served in Cornwall during the Second World War has been knighted after raising £33 million for the NHS

A TV series following the lives of people living and working in Cornwall and Devon returns to screens. John Nettles narrates Channel 4’s look at village, rural and coastal life in the beautiful south west

Cornwall Life editor Carol Burns ponders unicorns, jam donuts and life after lockdown

Rosanne Hodin’s new Cornwall-set book ‘Growing Goats and Girls’ hits the shelves this month - we find out more about her favourite Cornish spots

Award-winning photographer David Chapman continues to explore Cornwall’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty with a visit to Carnewas to Stepper Point

Parties in the streets and crowds cheering in Trafalgar Square marked Victory in Europe Day in 1945, with the British public rejoicing after six long, hard years of war.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, the day that formally recognised Nazi Germany’s surrender - so we gathered some beautiful old videos that capture the celebratory atmosphere of that first VE Day in 1945

Alongside the tuneful birthday wishes, Great Western Railway name a train in honour of Captain Tom Moore who has raised more than £29 million for the NHS

We are in this together, that’s why our magazines carries a simple message on the cover this month - #ThereWithYou

There are tons of apps to choose from, and it seems like we use different ones depending on the situation. Here are some of the best video calling apps.

We all recognise Cornishware’s famous blue and white stripes but Kate Whatmore creator of Corniche has given them a new lease of life with her design work.

It’s the perfect time to get out in the garden and get some motivation. Here is a roundup of all the fun and relaxing activities you can do in your garden.

It’s not all about crossing your legs and humming, you can meditate anywhere and at anytime – even when putting the kettle on.

We may be stuck indoors and the clubs and gyms may be shut for now, but we can all still stay active and healthy.

Instantly recognisable, Cornishware is a timeless British design icon, writes Natalie Millar-Partridge

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